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Welcome to Breast Pathology.UHB

Breast Pathology 11th Update Course 2nd November 2018 (8:30am-5.45pm).

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Breast Pathology 11th Update Course Topics:

  • What is pCR and why does it matter: the clinician’s perspective

  • Handling and reporting breast specimens following neoadjuvant chemo and endocrine therapy

  • Assessment of DCIS margins and update from Sloane and Loris

  • Flat epithelial atypia and low grade neoplasia pathway

  • Approach to diagnosis of spindle cell lesions

  • Recent developments in imaging and impact on the practising pathologists

  • Learning points from MDT scenarios

  • Uncommon breast lesions:  Salivary like tumours of the breast
  • Apocrine lesions including atypia and apocrine DCIS

  • Slide seminar


  • Dr Pauline Carder ( Bradford )
  • Professor Sarah Pinder ( London )
  • Professor Emad Rakha ( Nottingham )
  • Professor Dan Rea ( Birmingham )
  • Dr Abeer Shaaban ( Birmingham )
  • Dr Nisha Sharma ( Leeds )

Excellent Feedback from previous years. Limited places this year!