• Dr Sally Lane, Consultant Breast Pathologist, Leeds
  • Dr Michelle McMahon, Leeds
  • Dr Rebecca Millican-Slater, Leeds
  • Dr Emad Rakha, Nottingham
  • Dr Abeer Shaaban, Consultant Breast Pathologist, Leeds
  • Dr Nisha Sharma, Consultant Radiologist, Leeds
  • Dr Jeremy Thomas, Edinburgh

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Dr Lane worked in general and specialist breast histology and cytology as a consultant and continues to support the structured approach to diagnostic work initiated by the comprehensive NHS Breast Screening programme. This approach helped the consistent introduction of the sentinel node biopsy as an MD team-based system and Dr Lane has been closely associated with this, lecturing on the Leeds unit arm of the New Start programme.
  • Graduated University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • Trained in Radiology in Nottingham.
  • Breast Fellow in the Nottingham Breast Institute.
  • Consultant Radiologist with an interest in Breast Imaging in the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (2011 – 2012).
  • Moved to Leeds in 2012, part of Breast Imaging and General Radiology team.
  • Interests include Breast MRI and Breast MRI biopsy.
Dr Millican-Slater completed her histopathology training in Leeds and has stayed there for her first Consultant post specializing in breast pathology. One of her diagnostic areas of interest is neuroendocrine tumours of the breast about which she has co-authored a textbook chapter. Her main research interest is the role of eIF4E in breast cancer.
Dr Rakha is a Clinical Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Pathologist Department of Histopathology, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. He is member of the Breast Cancer Campaign Scientific Advisory Broad, Nottingham Health Science Biobank Board and The NCRI Breast CSG Translational Subgroup. Dr Rakha did a PhD on the phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of breast carcinoma with Professor Ian Ellis. He has over 130 published articles and several book chapters in breast including the WHO blue book. His areas of interest include prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer, pathological and molecular classification of breast cancer, DNA damage repair, E-cadherin and hormone receptor expression and core biopsy performance.
Dr Shaaban is a Consultant Breast Pathologist/ Honorary Clinical Associate Professor,  Department of Histopathology and Molecular Pathology, St James’s University Hospital. Dr Shaaban is a specialist breast pathologist who works in a large tertiary referral centre and a regional centre for HER2 immunohistochemistry and FISH/DDISH testing.  Dr Shaaban did a PhD on the analysis of morphological and molecular markers associated with breast neoplasia progression and published with the late Professor JP Sloane, one of the pioneers in the field of breast pathology. Her areas of interest include diagnostic and prognostic markers in breast cancer, in particular estrogen receptors, columnar cell lesions and male breast cancer. She produced many research articles, reviews and book chapters. Dr Shaaban is member of the NCRI Breast Clinical Studies Group and chairs The NCRI Breast CSG Translational Subgroup.
Dr Sharma was born in Glasgow and did the first half of her radiology training in Glasgow and then moved to Leeds to complete her training. In 2007 Dr Sharma took up a consultant job in Bradford as a Radiologist with a specialist interest in Breast. In October 2008 she was appointed as Director of breast screening for Leeds/Wakefield.
Dr Jeremy Thomas is a Consultant Pathologist at Western General Hospital, Edinburth. He has been lead Breast Pathologist in Edinburgh since 2002 having had a wide general experience previously. His areas of particular interest are DCIS and quality assurance in receptor testing.