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Welcome to Breast Pathology.UHB

Breast Pathology 12th Update Course 1st November 2019 (8:30am-5.45pm).

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Breast Pathology 12th Update Course Topics:

  • What is new in the WHO Blue book:

    –          Papillary neoplasms: including solid papillary and encapsulated papillary carcinoma

    –          Types of invasive breast carcinoma

    –          Lobular neoplasia update including florid LCIS

  • Fibroepithelial lesions of the breast

  • Metastatic tumours of the breast

  • Tricky reactive and inflammatory conditions of the breast

  • Bone/cartilage/squamous epithelium in breast lesions: what is the diagnosis

  • Learning points from MDT scenarios and discussion

  • Slide seminar


  • Dr Andrew Lee ( Nottingham )
  • Dr Colin Purdie ( Dundee )
  • Professor Emad Rakha ( Nottingham )
  • Professor Dan Rea ( Birmingham )
  • Dr Abeer Shaaban ( Birmingham )
  • Dr Bruce Tanchel – Slide Seminar ( Birmingham )

Excellent Feedback from previous years. Limited places this year!